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G-Line Self Priming & Low Flow Models Available

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The ANSI design was created in an effort to make replacement pumps easily accessible. All ANSI pumps are manufactured to be dimensionally interchangeable and have a back pull-out design. This allows facilities and plants the opportunity to source pumps from multiple manufacturers without changing their pipe schematic and design. The CURFLO G-Line Series is 100% interchangeable with the 3196. The G-Line Pump is available as a traditional pump or can be purchased as a skid package. CURFLO also provides spare parts purchases.

Product Specifications

  • Manufactured to meet ANSI/ASME B73.1 standard
  • Inpro bearing isolators
  • SKF or equal bearings
  • Standard, large and modified seal chambers
  • External impeller adjustment
  • Multiple materials of construction available (Carbon Steel and CD4)
  • Open impeller design
  • 100% interchangeable with 3196
  • STX and MTX Frame Sizes LTX & XLTX
  • Various shaft and shaft sleeve combinations

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